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Need an appointment? A few quick questions will get you to the right place.

Q1: How can we help you? (Select one)

Q2: Do you have a prescription?

Q3: Have you travelled out of CANADA in the last 14 days?

Q4: Have you tested positive for COVID-19, or been in close contact with someone who has without protective equipment?

Q5: Do you have ANY of the following symptoms?

  • fever?
  • a new or worsening cough?
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  • sore throat or difficulty swallowing?
  • decrease or loss of smell or taste?
  • chills?
  • headache?
  • unexplained fatigue or muscle aches?
  • unexplained nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain?
  • pink eye (conjuntivitis)

Almost there! Please acknowledge the following statements:

  • Masks or face coverings are MANTATORY for anyone over 2 years old.
  • If you have a cellphone, please call when you arrive BEFORE coming up to the door.
  • If you're early and you drove, please wait in your car (as our waiting room capacity is reduced).
  • There will be an additional on-site screening when you arrive.


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