COVID-19 Response Policy

UPDATED: March 24.

This policy outlines the changes to our service and the health precautions taken for the duration of the novel-coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

This policy has been created in compliance with recommendations made by the WHO, our Government, and our College and it will inevitably evolve as the situation with COVID-19 evolves.

Changes to Our Service

We have reduced both staff and hours in order to promote self-isolation and reduce the unnecessary gathering of people.

A. Reduced Hours

  • We are currently CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC;
  • At the discretion of our staff, we will see EMERGENCY CASES ONLY and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY;
  • Note: We will continue to check our Email and Voicemail, and endeavour to respond within 24 hours;

B. Glasses currently in progress:

We will call to notify you that your eyeglasses are ready; however, we won’t actually be able to dispensed them to you for another 2 weeks (unless it is an emergency). We apologize for the inconvenience this presents.

C. For NEW orders

  • For the moment, we are only extending appointments to “emergency cases“.
  • We kindly ask those looking for cosmetic sunwear, or those who only have mild changes to their prescription to wait 2 weeks before making an appointment.

D. Can I still re-order contacts?

  • We are still working remotely, so things like contact lens reorders are no problem! Just call or email 🙂

Health Precautions Taken

To mitigate the spread of germs and reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, we have adopted (or reinforced) the following sanitation practices:

  • Washing of hands by staff after each interaction with a patient;
  • Disinfection of frames and tools each time after handling;
  • Daily sanitizing of all surfaces (phones, chairs, desks, handles, etc.);
  • Frequent disinfection of high risk areas such as waiting rooms and washrooms;
  • Restriction of one patient (with family) allowed onto the premises at a time;
  • Minimal “skeleton crew” staff on duty;
  • Postponement of service to those exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Self-monitoring, social distancing, and, as necessary, self-quarantining;

Moving Forward

Though we are eager to resume our regular vision care services, we acknowledge the need for caution and prudence at this time. We can only hope to provide you the best possible customer experience we can with what little service we are able to provide for the time being.

We thank you for your patience in this complicated time, and can’t wait to see you all again soon!