What will my visit be like?

Step 1: Making an Appointment

  • Appointments can be made:
  • In either case, you will be required to fill out a brief COVID-19 screening.

Step 2: Arriving for your Appointment

  1. Arriving
    • CALL when you arrive in the parking lot.
    • We’ll have you come in right away, or tell you to wait for a call/text.
  2. Entering the Building
    • Enter the first door and sanitize your hands.
    • Ring doorbell for service before second door.
  3. Health Screening
    • Reception will perform a health screening.
    • Reception will ensure you are wearing a mask.
  4. Seeing the Optician
    • Choosing Frames: simply point to the frames you would like to try and they’ll be brought to you. (*All frames are disinfected after use.)
    • Discussing Lenses: if samples are required, they will be brought out to you. (*All lens samples are disinfected after use.)
    • Taking Measurements: taken at a distance or using face shields for service at closer proximity.
  5. Paperwork and Payment
    • No need to get up: the payment terminal and any necessary paperwork will be brought to you.
  6. Exiting the Building
    • Please see Reception before exiting the building.

Step 3. Picking up Your Glasses

  • When your glasses are ready: Reception will call to book a 30 minute pick up appointment.
  • If there is a balance owing: We ask that you consider paying over the phone or by e-transfer to minimize the amount of time you need to be in the store during pick-up.
  • If you are waiting for lenses to be cut: We will pick up your glasses from you in the parking lot and kindly ask that you wait in your car while we cut your lenses. When ready, we’ll escort you in for dispensing with the Optician.