About us


Revere opened it’s doors in 1978. We were part of the Oshawa Shopping Centre back when it didn’t have a full roof!

We’ve been part of the community for 40 years, and it’s been great seeing our clients’ kids grow up and in turn bring in kids of their own. It makes us feel part of an true community instead of just randomly pounding away at glasses all day for another dollar.

My father, Romolo (the quirky moustachioed optician with the thick accent) still runs the show. He’s unable to pull himself away from the job he loves–which is good because he brings something unique to the industry: a good eye for detail and a sincere desire to take care of your eyes.

He drives me crazy (I can say that because I’m his son). He never cleans his workstation and you need a cryptographer or egyptologist to read his notes, but I forgive him because he’s a hell of an optician.

A Family Business

As you can tell, we’re a family business. I’ve grown up in the industry watching the old man push through the good and bad times while picking up a valuable lesson or two, and I’ve also