Caring for Your Eyewear

Caring for your eyewear isn’t hard, just remember these simple rules:

  1. Avoid heat from inside cars: Don’t leave your glasses on your dashboard or in your glovebox. The heat build-up in a car can warp plastic frames or shorten the life on your coatings.
  2. Avoid hot water: If you like to clean your glasses by running them under the tap, that’s fine, but make sure the water is tepid (or better yet, cold).
  3. Don’t use harsh cleaners: Use only a proper lens cleaner or mild hand soap when cleaning your lenses. (Soaps should be free of moisturizers and acids or ammonia.)
  4. Cleaning with microfibre cloths: Blow across your lenses to remove any dust or grit before wiping with the cloth. This ensures you don’t rub any of the grit across your lenses while wiping.
  5. Ditch the cloth carrying bags!: Did your glasses come with a cloth carrying bag? Throw it out! They collect dust and gritty particles inside that end up rubbing against your lenses.
  6. Beware of the purse!: Never place your glasses in your purse without first placing them in their case. Purses are hosts to many sharp objects like keys and pens that will inevitably scratch your lenses.
  7. Use two hands to remove your glasses: Using only one hand will sheer and bend your glasses causing them to become unaligned over time.
  8. Take advantage of free adjustments: Coming in for regular adjustments keeps your eyewear feeling and looking great, but it also allows us to look for any issues (and fix them) before they become real problems.
  9. Ask your eyecare professional: When in doubt, check with your eyecare professional for the do’s and don’ts for caring for your glasses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Won’t running your glasses under water make the metal parts rust?

  • Nope. Washing your glasses under the tap is fine.

Q: My cleaning cloth doesn’t clean very well anymore! What gives?

  • Wash your microfibre cloth with some soap and water to remove the collected oils. It may also be time to thoroughly clean your glasses under water with some mild hand soap to get facial oils out of the hard to reach places.

Q: Where can I get a microfibre cloth and cleaning solution?

  • From us, free with each purchase.