Changes to Service for COVID-19

UPDATED: Aug 1, 2020

Hello Everyone,

We know the COVID-19 situation has been stressful for a lot of you, and that there may be some apprehension about entering stores, or perhaps just confusion on how service is now run. We’re here to answer all of your questions, and assure you that your experience with us will be safe.


We are back to regular hours, as below:

  • MON – FRI: 9:30am – 8:00pm
  • SAT: 9:30am – 5:00pm
  • SUN: Closed


Service by Appointment

  • Until further notice, all visits are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Contact Lenses

  • We are permitted once more to perform new fittings for contact lens and checkups.
  • For your convenience, contact lenses can be shipped directly to your home.

“Brief” is the new “Safe”

  • If you’ve been to Revere before, then you know we like to chat and get to know you better, but we’ve been advised as a spread-prevention protocol to KEEP VISITS AS BRIEF AS POSSIBLE.
  • Rest assured that once this is all over we’ll be back to our chit-chats over frames and espressos in no time!


Our precautions will, of course, evolve with the needs of the situation. Currently our precautions include:

  • Plexiglass barriers
  • 2m distancing measures in store
  • Sanitization of frames after every use
  • Self-monitoring and self-testing for COVID-19
  • Operating by appointment only (to regulated traffic)
  • Implementation of additional services (pickup, dropoff and curbside) to minimize in-store traffic
  • Patient intake health screening measures
  • Proper usage of PPE including masks, face shields and gloves
  • Proper usage of disinfecting products and sanitation protocols, including regular disinfection of both the environment and of staff’s hands
  • New equipment for taking measurements safely at a adistance
  • Signage posted with new guidelines and expectations for patients


In addition to in-store service, we are now providing the following additional services (mainly for your safety, but also for your convenience!)

  • Pick-up/Drop-off Service:
    • Just need to pick up an order or drop off a frame for repair? Just call ahead and we’ll have the PICK-UP or DROP-OFF boxes ready for you.
  • Curbside Service:
    • Things like quick adjustments, small repairs or paperwork can often be completed without you leaving your car.
    • Just call us when you arrive, and we’ll come out to you!


It’s a frustrating situation for all, but with a bit of patience and just a few simple rules, we’ll get through this soon:

  1. A mask (or equivalent mouth and nose covering) MUST be worn at all times.
  2. Hands must be disinfected using the soap or hand-sanitizers available in our store.
  3. A distance of 2m (6ft) must be kept between all individuals.
  4. Do not handle any of the products on your own. Our staff will present you with frames and products that you may touch.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have.

Thanks, Durham, and stay safe!