Letter from the Owner

Hello Everyone,

It has definitely been a challenging period and I sincerely hope that you’re all safe and well while managing the “New Normal”.

Actually, I don’t like to think our immediate future like that. It evokes ideas of “uncertainties” and “big challenges”. I’d much rather call it the “Enhanced Normal”, which means keeping all the standards of excellence you are accustomed to at Revere, while adding the benefits of an equally excellent environment to keep you safe and protected.

During these difficult weeks, we’ve remained open, providing emergency vision services to those in need– the least we could do for a community that has supported us for over 40 years— and we’ve been putting that time to good use.

We’ve been hard at work adopting and testing the strict rules and regulations set by the College of Opticians of Ontario, and we have put in place all the required measures to ensure you feel (and are!) cared for and protected.

(Please refer to our section on COVID-19 for updates on new procedures and hours of operation.)

As we slowly approach resuming full operations, a few things will be undoubtedly different, but different isn’t necessarily bad. So be relaxed and be positive, and we will continue to give the same excellent care and attention to you and your vision… all within our “Enhanced Normal”.

Stay well, stay safe!