You love the frame, but there’s something not quite right. Maybe the shape is too big or too small, too deep or too shallow. Perhaps it needs a bit of colour or maybe some alterations for a more comfortable fit.

Not to worry! Most frames can be modified to give the patient a truly original pair of glasses, individually  tailored to both their style and the physical aspects of their face.

Examples of Customizations:

  • Shape Changes
  • Nosepad Holders (for plastic frames that sit too low on the face)
  • Stones (to add a little “bling”)
  • Trimmed Temples (reducing the length of the arms)
  • Temple Grips (to keep glasses from sliding when regular adjustments won’t help)
  • Plastic Rim Inserts (a punch of colour for full metal frames)
  • Coloured Nylon Wires (a punch of colour for semi-rimless frames)
  • Coloured Edge Coats (a punch of colour for rimless frames)
  • Custom clip-on sunglasses

We do NOT charge for these specialized customizations as it is all part of the service in providing a well fitting (and awesome looking) pair of glasses.