How to Safely Enjoy a Solar Eclipse

A total solar eclipse can be a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime moment, so long as it’s enjoyed safely.

Because we think the sun is being blocked, we may think that the sun isn’t as bright, and therefore not as damaging. This is definitely not the way to think about it because the sun is so incredibly bright, that even just the remaining slivers of light coming through are powerful enough to do lasting damage to the eye.

But enough doom and gloom, here’s how to enjoy it safely! The two most reliable methods are:

  1. Use solar eclipse glasses (meeting the ISO-12312-2 standard) and NOT just regular sunglasses!
  2. Use a box-projection system with a pin-hole

Solar Eclipse Glasses

NOTE: Sorry, but we are out of solar eclipse glasses.
A big thank you to all you came in and donated to Sick Kids for their pair.

(Don’t forget to use them properly!)

How to use them safely:

  1. First examine your glasses for any holes, rips or tears. (We don’t want light sneaking in!)
  2. Put on your glasses WHILE LOOKING AWAY from the sun first (to confirm that everything is dark).
  3. NOW you can turn to the sun and enjoy!

Here’s a video from CBC News with Dr. Elaina Hyde showing how to use the solar eclipse glasses:

How to make a pin-hole projector

Basically, with the sun at your back, allow the sun to shine through a small hole, which in doing so, will cause a projected image of itself onto the paper. Now simply a cut a hole for yourself to look through one the side and you’re done!

Ummm… maybe it’s better if I attach a video LOL.