Low Vision Aids

Vision for some patients may be so poor that correction to 20/20 is not possible. Daily tasks are an extreme challenge, as well as leisure activities such as reading.

Low vision aids are any optical devices (spectacles, magnifiers, and cameras) that help a patient with low vision with their daily functions. They are not miracle devices that will restore a person’s working vision, but they do help when little else does.

What is considered “Low Vision”?

Generally it is considered when a patient’s visual acuity cannot be corrected better than 20/200. (That means what this patient is able to see just 20 feet away, someone else with 20/20 vision can see from a whopping 200 feet away).

But it’s not just the visual acuity. Low vision makes considerations for night blurriness, halos and peripheral field of vision, and of course, the interference in daily function experienced by the patient.

Low vision aids should be considered for anyone struggling with a moderate or severe prescription which is compromising daily activities.

Is there special funding for “Low Vision”?

In addition to any other insurance you may have, the government of Ontario offers assistance through ADP (the Assistive Devices Program)! To qualify, you must have an acuity of 20/70 or worse in your best eye. Please call for details.

Okay, so how does this work?

It starts with a Low Vision Consultation where we find out more about you, your vision, and what challenges you face in your daily activities. We’ll go over realistic goals, and provide options and further referrals if required.

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