Manufacturer Promotions

People often ask us “Hey, have you got any sales going on?”

Unfortunately, sales are sometimes just an easy way to unload old, unwanted stock (like frames that are used, discontinued, or out of warranty), but that’s just not our style at Revere.

However, we DO provide you with promotions that come directly from our manufacturers, and the savings are fantastic:

Perfect Pair Promotion

  • The Deal*: Purchase 1 pair of Transition lenses and receive a pair of sunglasses lenses for just $100.
  • This is great if you have a pair of prescription sunglasses that need to be updated to your latest prescription, or if you were on the fence about getting prescription sunglasses at all.

Multi-pair Promotion

  • The Deal*: Buy one pair of lenses and get another pair 50% off.
  • This is great if you have multiple pairs of glasses: Some of us have back-up pairs of glasses, or glasses that we use for different purposes (driving vs. working at a computer).

* Just ask for details on qualifying lenses. We’ll help you get the most out of these promotions–maximizing both your options and savings!