Safety glasses for work

We are happy to provide protective safety eyewear for your work and hobbies.

If your safety glasses are paid for by your employer (eg. GM, Chrysler, OPG, TTC, Bell, etc.) we’ll simply need:

  • the authorization letter, filled out by your employer (they supply the form)
  • your recent prescription (Need a new prescription? Try Dr. Lam Optometry)

If you wish to purchase safety glasses for yourself (not through a company you work for), then that’s okay, too. We can offer you the same products from our safety providers like 3M/Hoya, Belco, Fortney, Liberty Sport and others.

Do I HAVE to get side shields?

If you’re getting your safety glasses through your work, the decision is made by your management and we have no say in the matter. If you purchase the glasses yourself, it’s up to you. Just keep in mind that although the side shields may be bothersome, they’re important and there for a reason!