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Jun 12, 2022 UPDATED! The latest changes to our COVID-19 protocols. NEW! We now offer Visual Stress Assessment and Therapy!

Manufacturer Promotions

People often ask us “Hey, have you got any sales going on?” Unfortunately, sales are sometimes just an easy way to unload old, unwanted stock (like frames that are used, discontinued, or out of warranty), but that’s just not our style at Revere. However, we DO provide you with promotions that come directly from our manufacturers, and...…

About Us

Revere Optical opened it’s doors in 1978. Nearly forty years later and we’re still here helping folks from Oshawa and around with their glasses. It’s been an industry with many big changes and it continues to evolve today, but basic principles like quality and attention to service never seem to go out of style. After all, we all want...…